Sunday, April 24, 2016

Here Comes the Week

If you know me at all, you know that a slow pace in life suits me just fine. Watched pots eventually do boil, and smelling the flowers is what I do best. However that is just not the season God has our family in. Chiggie is working now at Ch'ck Fil A on top of school and working on landscaping for a neighbor. Tea is running a very successful babysitting business, and has customers wait listed at this point. Both girls are learning about money management and budgeting. Midge and Boo are busy with school and gymnastics and will be competing in their very first meet next month. Buster is busy being 6, learning to read, and getting ready to play baseball.

The King is studying hard for his masters license and I suppose so am I. I am waiting impatiently on an internship site, praying it will be a good fit and an opportunity for growth. Life is good, just zooming by.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

What a Mess

These spring storms we have been having have wreaked havoc on our trees. The tree trimming companies are extremely backed up, and after having one not show up multiple times, we decided to just do it ourselves. Let's just say the whole family should sleep good tonight!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Greenhouse and Garden Field Trip

I am in denial about the fact that Buster's Kindergarten year is wrapping up.  This year has really flown by, and LEAP Kindergarten has been so much fun.  Today we went to Gulley's Greenhouse and Spring Creek Garden, which made my Spring Fever official.  

 The flowers were just beautiful.  I cannot tell you how glad I am to see flowers.  We are holding off just a bit on our planting due to more snow and low temperatures in the forecast.

 Their fairy gardens were amazing.  I am working on my own right now, but wow, I wish I had this kind of space (and talent).

 The kids all got to participate in a planting activity, and Buster was thrilled to bring his flower home to take care of.

It was such a fun day, and a much needed break from being indoors!  I love making memories with my kids!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Haircut Day!

Saturday, April 09, 2016

A Very Long Week

This last week seemed incredibly long.  The weather is really warming up, which makes the daily grind of school almost unbearable for all of us.  Along with that, I have been interviewing for internship positions, and that has been stressful for me.  I enjoy aspects of the experience, but learning about each individual location is very time consuming, regardless of how interesting it is.  This is my last week until spring break.  A nice two week break is waiting for me at the end of all these papers, role plays, and meetings!

Things are busy for everyone.  Chiggie has also been interviewing for jobs, and both her and Tea got checking/savings accounts this week.  They both had quite a bit of money saved up from jobs they have worked throughout the year.  Tea used her card for the first time today, and she bought a wallet to hold the card!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Buster's Big Loss!

Buster finally lost his first tooth.  I say finally because he is the first of all the kids to make it to 6 with all of their baby teeth, and also because this particular tooth was literally hanging by a thread for 3 months.  He refused to even wiggle it himself.  Boo bumped into him one afternoon and that's all it took!


It's April.  In most ways this year has gone by so fast.  So many things changed for all of us. The King has a new job. Chiggie is in school, and because of that our days are naturally just more structured, and quick.  So much of my time seems to be spend driving her back and forth.  It's worth it though.  She likes her school, and it is a great fit.  When I'm not driving back and forth to Fort Collins, I am teaching the other kids.  Buster is reading, and the other kids are getting so independent.  When I am not teaching them I am working on my own school, which is daunting at times.  4 more months and I will start my internship.  Light at the end of a very long tunnel.  I have no idea what the future holds.  I know we are all in good hands though.  God has guided every step of our way. 

I want to post more often.  I think I will.  I might.  I just don't always know what to say.  The kids are older now, and they don't always like me posting certain things.  I'm careful.  I want....I need to remember these moments though.  Looking back through my blog brings me, and the kids so much joy.  I would most definitely have forgotten many of these things had I not posted them.  So, here's to at least trying to make more time for this blog that I love so much.