Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fall Groove

Hooray for November.  I am loving the falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and shorter days.  It's so nice to have a change in meals too, I love fall/winter food!  There for a while everytime I would establish a new routine something would come along and mess it all up.  It was getting really frustrating.  The past couple of weeks we are on a roll though.  We are still staying fairly healthy with the occasional sniffles and one random stomach flu victim.  School is going great for the girls, I think they are doing even better than last year and that says a lot.  I also went back to school in September and that is going good too.  It took an adjustment but I think I have a system for now that seems to be working.  The kids are normally in bed asleep when I am working on papers.  I will graduate in May '14 so it's not for too crazy long either.  We are all excited for the holidays and are taking a 6 week school vacation starting Thanksgiving Day.  Trust me, we have earned it!  I hope to blog more often again now that things are settling.....maybe I shouldn't have said that :)